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祈りのカルテ 研修医の謎解き診察記録

祈りのカルテ 研修医の謎解き診察記録 b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ

Secondary Name : Inori no Karute: Kenshui no Nazotoki Shinsatsu Kiroku

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : EP 10

Now showing: EP 10

Latest episode: 11

Country: Japan

Genres: Drama Japanese

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Movie plot

現役の医師でもある作家 知念実希人氏によるシリーズ累計20万部突破のベストセラーが原作。ポスタービジュアル内「カルテを読んで、顔色読んで、心まで読む!? ちょっと変わった研修医だけど、私にとっては名医でした」のコピーの通り、各エピソードで諏訪野(玉森裕太)が向き合うことになる様々なワケあり患者たちが退院していく際の目線をイメージしてデザインされたもの。
25-year-old Ryota Suwanori is in his first year as a medical intern at a university teaching hospital. During his childhood, his father died from a disease and his mother remarried. Even though Ryota Suwanori’s stepfather adored him, Ryota Suwanori always checked his stepfather's mood to see if he was hated. His childhood experience now leads him to get along well with people and also become perceptive to their behavior. That also affects him as a medical intern. He carefully checks his patients' condition and approaches patients who has problems. Being trained by a preceptor, Ryota Suwanori works hard with his fellow interns. During this time, he also grows into a real doctor
Native Title: Inori no Karute: Kenshui no Nazotoki Shinsatsu Kiroku (2022)
Also Known As: Prayer Chart: Trainee's Mystery-Solving Medical Examination Record , Prayer Chart , Inori no Karute , 祈りのカルテ , Medical Record with a Prayer: Resident's Mystery Solving Medical Records
Screenwriter: Nemoto Nonji
Director: Ikeda Chihiro, Kariyama Shunsuke
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Medical
Tags: Hospital Setting, Doctor Male Lead, Perceptive Male Lead, Miniseries, Adapted From A Novel, Investigation

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