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家庭教師のトラコ b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ

Secondary Name : Kateikyoushi no Torako

Release year:

Run Time: 23 min

Episodes : 10話

Now showing: 10話

Latest episode: 10

Country: Japan

Genres: Drama Japanese

4.96/ 5 4 votes
Movie plot

Torako is a mysterious, but excellent private tutor. She has big ambitions and works to achieve her goal. She takes private tutoring jobs from kids of rich families and makes connections, while saving money. She currently has 3 students. Her 3 students and their mothers hope to have the students enter prestigious schools, while they must deal with their own unique problems.
Native Title: Kateikyoushi no Torako 2022
Also Known As: Private Tutor Torako , Kateikyoshi no Torako
Screenwriter: Yukawa Kazuhiko
Director: Iwamoto Hitoshi
Genres: Life, Drama
Tags: Miniseries

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