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PICU 小児集中治療室

PICU 小児集中治療室 b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ

Secondary Name : PICU: Shoni Shuchu Chiryo Shitsu

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : 11話

Now showing: 11話

Latest episode: 11

Country: Japan

Genres: Drama Japanese

4.8/ 5 1 votes
Movie plot

Takeshiro Shikota is a 27-year-old pediatrician in Hokkaido, Japan. He was born and raised in Hokkaido. One day, Takeshiro is transferred to the newly established PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). The unit is for children under the age of 15 who require advance and intensive treatment. There, he meets Dr. Hajime Ueno. Hajime is a pioneer in his field and hopes to establish PICU all over Japan. His goal is to bring sick children to PICU as quickly as possible and accept them under any circumstances. Meeting with Hajim, changes Takeshiro life as a pediatrician.

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