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最近雇ったメイドが怪しい b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ

Secondary Name : Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : 11話

Now showing: 11話

Latest episode: 11

Country: Japan

Genres: アニメ

3.5/ 5 5 votes
Movie plot

最近、メイドを雇った。仕事熱心で真面目だけど、とても…――怪しい―― 田舎の小さな屋敷の主人・ゆうりは、突然現れたメイド・リリスの正体を探っていた。素性も目的も不明だが、不自然なほど良く働き、料理も洗濯も怖いほどに完璧。そして、あの吸い込まれるような紫の瞳。きっとリリスは何か企んでいるに違いないと、怪しすぎて、怪しすぎて、ゆうりは何も手につかなくて困っている……。
Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii - The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious, My Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious, 最近雇ったメイドが怪しい
The beautiful maid Lilith has recently been hired to care for the whims of her employer's son, Yuuri. However, Yuuri's overzealous skepticism of her every action keeps him on edge as he suspects devious mischief being plotted behind his back. Despite his paranoia, Lilith grows fond of Yuuri and often teases him as a way to further their bonding.
Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii revolves around the relationship between the cautious Yuuri and his wonderfully charming maid in this day-to-day oddball romantic comedy.

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