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鵜頭川村事件 b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ

Secondary Name : Uzukawamura Jiken

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : EP 06

Now showing: EP 06

Latest episode: 6

Country: Japan

Genres: Drama Japanese

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Movie plot

Native Title: Uzukawamura Jiken (2022)
The doctor Iwamori Akira’s wife Hitomi has gone missing. He visits her hometown of Uzukawa Village together with their daughter Aiko to search for her. While the two of them are staying there, heavy rain hits the surrounding region and the village is cut off. Before long, a young person is murdered. As distrust and disquiet start to hang over the village, the complication of a power struggle in a powerful family and the generational divide between angry young people and adults gradually reaches a head. The entire village inches towards a crisis. Will Iwamori be able to come to terms with his family and his own past?
Native Title: Uzukawamura Jiken (2022)
Also Known As: Uzukawamura Incident , Uzu Kawamura Jiken , Uzukawa Mura Jiken
Director: Irie Yu
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Tags: Village Setting, Doctor Male Lead, Missing Person, Miniseries, Adapted From A Novel, Disaster, Investigation, Suspense

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